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Mile High Area Service Committee
of Narcotics Anonymous


The Mile High Area of Narcotics Anonymous serves Denver and the greater Denver Metro Area

Our helpline, 303-832-DRUG (3784) has several options;

1. Meeting schedule with days, times & locations
2. Live connection to a recovering addict 24/7
3. Area activities & events times and locations
5. Information to email or speak to a Public Relations correspondent

Speak to a recovering addict

  • by telephone:
         303.832.DRUG (3784)
  • come to a meeting   
         metro denver meeting list
  • by e-mail:
  • by mail:
         PO Box 140100
         Edgewater, CO 80214-0100

phoneline / helpline commonly used service documents

  Phoneline Volunteer Handbook    
  Phoneline Committee Guidelines    

Phoneline Volunteers

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