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Literature Committee

You can prepare your groups literature order by completing the online order form.  Print it and bring it along with your payment to the next area meeting. 

Please read the instructions carefully:
1.     Download the order form.
2.     Fill in the group information at the top of form.
3.     Fill out the form indicating the number of items to order.
4.     If you use the Excel form, totals will calculate automatically. If you use the PDF version, be sure to calculate the totals.
5.     Fill in payment information at the bottom of form.
6.     Select save as located in the file menu.
7.     Save the file with your group name and the date.
8.     Print the file and bring it with your payment to the ASC meeting.

You will be able to pickup your literature at the next MHASC meeting please bring payment personal Checks and Money orders

Complete Literature Order Form Excel - English
Complete Literature Order Form PDF - English
Flyer for new Traditions Study Guide "Guiding Principles"

NA Literature online WSO literature
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NA Service Handbooks online WSO service handbooks
H&I Handbook
Institutional Group Guide
A Guide to Local Service in Narcotics Anonymous
GLS in Spanish
A Guide to World Services in Narcotics Anonymous
Treasurer's Handbook
Group Treasurer's Handbook

IP's (Informational Pamphlets)
IP #1 - Who, What, How, and Why
IP #2 - The Group
IP #5 - Another Look
IP #6 - Recovery and Relapse
IP #7 - Am I an Addict?
IP #8 - Just for Today
IP #9 - Living the Program
IP #10 - Working Step Four in NA
IP #11 - Sponsorship, Revised
IP #12 - The Triangle of Self-Obsession
IP #13 - By Young Addicts, For Young Addicts
IP #14 - One Addict's Experience...
IP #15 - PI and the NA Member
IP #16 - For the Newcomer
IP #17 - For Those in Treatment
IP #19 - Self-Acceptance
IP #20 - H&I Service & the NA Member
IP #21 - The Loner - Staying Clean in Isolation
IP #22 - Welcome to NA
IP #23 - Staying Clean on the Outside
IP #24 - Money Matters Self-Support in NA
IP #25 - Self-Support: Principle & Practice
IP #26 - Accessibility For Those with Additional Needs
IP #27 - For the Parents or Guardians Of Young People in NA
IP #28 - Funding NA Services
IP #29 - Introduction to NA Meetings