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Mile High Area Service Committee
of Narcotics Anonymous

Community Outreach

"Outreach subcommittees serve as the outstretched hand of an established NA community to isolated groups and addicts…By phone, mail and by car they make sure that no group and no addict has to go through it alone if at all possible"
    Guide to Local Services in Narcotics Anonymous, page 55

"The Mile High Area Outreach Subcommittee is a volunteer group of the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous, existing to help overcome the isolation that hinders the growth and survival of our groups and individual members."

    The subcommittee's principle functions are:
  • Correspondence with isolated or incarcerated addicts who would like a pen pal to share recovery with.

  • Adopt-a-Group offers help to isolated groups and supply them with support.

  • Meeting On Wheels brings meetings to individual addicts who cannot get to meetings because of medical or geographical reasons.

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If we can be of service in your recovery from the disease of addiction, please contact us.

Speak to a recovering addict

  • by telephone:
         303.832.DRUG (3784)
         follow the prompts to the Outreach message box
  • come to a meeting   
         metro denver meeting list
  • by e-mail:
  • by mail:
         MHASC Outreach
         PO Box 140100
         Edgewater, CO 80214-0100

Meetings Needing Support

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