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Narcotics Anonymous often works with educators, medical and mental health professionals, civic and business leaders, and other members of the community in keeping with our primary purpose of carrying the NA message to addicts who still suffer. Our relationship with such people and organizations is always one of cooperation and never one of affiliation. What we can offer is a message of hope: that an addict — any addict — with a desire to stop using drugs can stay clean and find a new way to live. Our local public information subcommittee offers the many resources for those interested in knowing more about NA.

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Recovery is never more than a phone call away. We operate a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week helpline which lists local meeting information and offers contact with trained volunteers who are recovering addicts and members of the local NA community. For the greater Denver metro area call 303-832-DRUG (3784). For a directory of helplines in other areas, we suggest you consult the international phonelines page at

Led by trained NA volunteer speakers, these presentations are designed to provide information about the Narcotics Anonymous program. Can be custom tailored to specific audiences from middle school and high school students to guidance counselors, business leaders, law enforcement officials, helping professionals and community and neighborhood groups. Four to six weeks advance notice is usually sufficient to ensure a successful event. For more information, send an email to our Public Information Sub-Committee.

Narcotics Anonymous has published a variety of pamphlets, books and workbooks, all addressing the topic of recovery from addiction.
To learn more about what’s available, please see the Literature link at

Facts about Narcotics Anonymous:
What is Narcotics Anonymous? This paper describes NA's historic roots, how our recovery program works, and how our service organization operates. It clarifies NA's traditions of non-affiliation and neutrality on public issues while encouraging cooperation with NA's friends in the community. The paper closes with a few basic indicators of NA's success and some simple features on an NA membership profile. About 2,000 words long. First presented at ICAA'90, Berlin. Also published in proceedings of ICAA'94, Prague.

Narcotics Anonymous: a commitment to community partnerships. This paper is addressed specifically to addiction care providers. It comprehensively describes the services local Narcotics Anonymous groups and committees can offer to treatment professionals and their clients and how to access those services. About 3,400 words long. First presented at ICAA'95, San Diego.
    Excerpts from NA Update,
    A newsletter aimed at the professional community.